Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The [IHRF] is a non-profit socially committed organization. It is dedicated to the cause of the promotion of humanism through drawing inspiration and moral sustenance from the supreme renaissance values and heritage of Islam, couched in the universal language of justice, equality, human fraternity, universal laws and universal principles of governance. It stands for regenerating humane social order to fight every kind of social, political and cultural binary and thus to deny the space and legitimacy for any kind of bigotry, hatred, racism, prejudice and xenophobia which are tearing the humanity apart and posing existential threat to our common heritage of living together in cooperative framework of relationship. It is devoted to the cause of cultural federalism, human dignity and to the philosophy of co-existing together with full recognition of each other’s identity, rights and duty. Its ambitious objectives are: to revive the enlightened philosophy of Islam which are endowed with potential to liberate human beings from descending into new era of darkness and materialistic atavism, to construct new narratives capable to engage humanity in new discourses for promoting cooperation, peace and social harmony, to work for an international and national order based on the universal values of peace and cooperation, and finally to make people aware of how the retreat of grand universal Islamic narratives of oneness of human beings and the supreme values of human fraternity has caused moral and spiritual degeneration everywhere leading to the emergence of new kind of anomic conditions, threatening the moral foundation of society and what are the possible ways of human interventions for liberating humanity from this morass.